Anxiety Diagnosis and Treatment

What is anxiety? What are anxiety disorders?

Anxiety is defined as a state of nervousness, fear, or worry. In controlled amounts anxiety is beneficial—it is your body warning you of potential dangers and encouraging you to seek safety. However, anxiety can become persistent and dramatically interfere with your ability to function normally. Anxiety is the most common mental health issue: approximately 40 million Americans suffer from severe anxiety.

When anxiety is severe, persistent, and interferes with daily life it is known as an anxiety disorder. There are many kinds of anxiety disorders:

Generalized anxiety disorder is defined as a persistent state of intense worry, difficulty relaxing, and physical tension.


Panic disorder is characterized by panic attacks which are periods of severe physical distress like shortness of breath and chest pain.


Other common anxiety disorders include intense specific fears known as phobiassocial anxiety, and separation anxiety.

How are anxiety disorders treated?

At Benson Behavioral Health, anxiety treatment begins with a complete evaluation of an individual’s mental and physical health status. We provide evidence-based anxiety treatments, including medications, nutritional supplements, sleep pattern modifications, supportive psychotherapy, referral to talk therapists or treatment centers, and more!

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