Psychiatric Medication Management

What is psychiatric medication management?

Psychiatric medication management is making sure our clients take the correct medication for their condition at the optimum dose. Our medication management services team recognizes that every patient is an individual and carefully considers their unique needs. In addition, we make every effort to minimize side effects or interactions with other advanced medical management our clients may be following. Medication regimens are selected in collaboration with the patient and we always take ample time to explain the goals and risks of psychiatric medical care.

How can psychiatric medication management help me?

Psychiatric medications are a staple of mental health treatment. Such treatments can dramatically reduce unwelcome symptoms to boost your quality of life. Medications often reduce anxiety, improve mood, increase sleep quality, sharpen focus, and help with socializing. They are often used in conjunction with other treatments like talk therapy or exercise programs. Specifically, medications can reduce unwanted symptoms of depressionanxiety, inattention, bipolar disorder, irritability, ADHD, and OCD.

At BBH, we specialize in the knowledge of new medications and strive to keep up to date on the newest treatment options. Most patients can obtain medication prescriptions for conditions like bipolar disorder and ADHD entirely online!

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